Sikhs Annoyed by Fake Religious Dilemma Story

The story started simple. A Sikh man assisting an accident victim didn’t have anything to keep the kid’s bleeding head off the ground, so he took off his turban and had the kid use that.

Then a reporter wrote up the heartwarming story, and didn’t do adequate factchecking.

Sikhs have their religious quirks, but it’s an essentially practical religion. A Sikh man would not normally take off his turban in public, and he would die rather than do it if people are going to be persecute him for it. But it’s the essence of the Sikh religious mission to remove the turban in order to help or defend someone else.

It’s not a conflict with Sikh religious rules; it IS the Sikh religious rules.

So here’s a Sikh news journal pointing this out.

So yeah, it’s not just Catholics that lazy reporters are stupid about. They’re stupid about everybody.

Here’s a better reporter on attending 46 daily Masses in a row.



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3 responses to “Sikhs Annoyed by Fake Religious Dilemma Story

  1. Reblogged this on Head Noises and commented:
    reporters can’t research to find out Sikhs practice self-sacrifice.

  2. even shorter: reports can’t do research these days.

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