NATO Sez….

NATO guy says we may be at war this summer, and if we’re lucky it won’t be nuclear.

Yeah, that’s been a pretty safe way to bet, what with Russia and China both playing Risk: The Imperialist Foreign Policy.



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5 responses to “NATO Sez….

  1. I’ve been expecting it the last several years!

  2. Joy

    Can’t this wait until school starts again??? Can’t they just let me catch up with my Korean dramas and my anime and my steampunk novels in peace??? /sarcasm

    • Heh. Well, we can hope and pray. China and Russia both have a lot of internal problems that should be keeping them busy, but of course it’s always easier to cause other people problems instead.

  3. Always get worried with Russia has internal problems…they tend to channel the energy outwards to distract the population. I’m also concerned because we haven’t been able to see our way to hold our nose and cooperate on things like Iran and Daesh, which ought to be doing (given the joint benefits and all).
    China is a bit more inscrutable, at least to me. In theory they tend to focus on regaining the territory of the Empire, but they conveniently overlook the fact that new countries (relatively) occupy that space. Also, when you have a giant military force that is an extension of the ruling party, you have give them something to do.
    Finally, yeah, for NATO to be saying this is…troubling.

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