St. Tesla??

Nobody seems to have mentioned this, but there have been quite a few girls named Tesla over the last few years. Over 100 a year, which isn’t bad.

So are they being named for the scientist, family surname, the car, or for the sound “Tess”? What is the demographic distribution of the name? I don’t know!! (Although at least 1 family in LA apparently did come out and say their girl was named for the car.)

Nikola Tesla’s name saint would be St. Nicholas, or you could take any of the famous Nicola female saints as your patron.

I do have to say that Christian parents really shouldn’t name their kids for a car. Even if you love the car, at least say you’re naming the kid for the car company founder or whatever the car is named after. You could say it’s really no different than naming a kid for a jewel or for a tree or flower, but… it is. Give your kid a name with dignity and livability, and make it something worthy of a future saint.

Still, under current baptism rules, there’s nothing stopping you as long as your car isn’t named something anti-Christian. But you should think about it a bit before you stick your kid with it.


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