The Three Investigators in LATIN!

Some of us may remember the Three Investigators series of detective stories for kids: the adventures of Jupiter Jones (very like Nero Wolfe or Mycroft as a kid, and very embarrassed by his past as a child actor), Pete Crenshaw (the cautious muscle and legman of the group), and Bob Andrews (the skinny guy who gets underestimated). They had a secret lair in Jupiter’s uncle’s junkyard, and their cases were interesting and spine-chilling! Much later, the Crimebusters volumes of the series finally brought the guys to driving age, increasing their mobility.

It was originated by Robert Arthur of The Mysterious Traveler radio series, and marketed by Alfred Hitchcock as a tie-in to his various TV shows. But the series has been translated, reprinted, and drastically localized around the world.

The Germans and Austrians really love the series more than anybody, though. They call them “The Three Questionmarks.” They put out tons of new books, taking the series from 43 books to over 150. They put out radio dramas. They put out a couple of movies. (Of course, they also added that weird German humor. A tone change.)

And now, a couple of the German-only books have been translated into Latin. The titles are: De Tribus Investigatoribus et Fato Draconis, and De Tribus Investigatoribus et Terrore in via Sheldon Street.


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