Denise Domning

I tried Denise Domning‘s books on Saturday, and I just ate them up! She writes medieval romance and medieval mysteries. Her books are compulsively readable. Her settings are detailed and true to history. Her prose is clear, and her moments of lyricality provide a peaceful overview without interrupting the book’s flow. Her characters are people you enjoy spending time with – but they’re not modern people, and they have their own ideas of virtuous behavior, life goals, and morals. The medieval tendency to have one’s life affected by the actions of one’s family, neighbors, vassals, and servants is well-served by the shared world that most of her books take place in.

That said, the author does seem to believe that every book needs a moment of pity and terror visited upon characters close to the end of the book, and this gets a bit repetitive if you read several of her books close together (as I did). But since I kept reading them, it obviously didn’t bother me any too badly!

I got into her books because Sarah Hoyt recommended them, and she was reading them while sick as a dog! So yeah, these books are very readable.


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