Other Books by de Vitoria

His book Confessionario util y provecho has a nice woodcut frontispiece. It’s dedicated to “a devout lady,” and is meant for ordinary Catholics. It’s basically an extended examination of conscience meant for people going to Confession. (If you’ve never heard of such a thing, the idea is that you read the examination of conscience privately beforehand, so that you will jog your memory for sins you have committed since your last Confession, as well as for obligations to do good things that you have neglected or omitted. Examining your conscience often or every day is a common step towards rectifying faults and strengthening good habits.) This book is written in Spanish, not Latin.

Summa Sacramentorum Ecclesiae is a book about the Seven Sacraments. It’s in Latin and argues various points of controversy in Sacramental theology and canon law. For example, it argues what kind of obedience is owed to an abbess, who is not ordained and isn’t a bishop, and whether disobedience to her could attain to the status of a mortal sin. (Instead, he figures she is owed the same obedience as a family owes a mother, so disobeying her is the mortal sin of not honoring your mother, as opposed to the mortal sin of disobeying a bishop or priest. Which of course isn’t a mortal sin unless it’s disobedience over a serious matter, etc.)


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