More Thoughts about Yesterday

Justice Kennedy is an idiot whose entire Catholic education was wasted money. His poor parents.

Anyway, he wrote the majority opinion, which is riddled with the idea that our times are somehow sooo much more enlightened than any other time in history, and that human nature somehow changed as soon as the year count clicked over to 2000. Yup, just that stupid.

Fr. Hunwicke has some stuff to say about this.

PS – WordPress, Google, and Bing have highly offensive celebratory markers out today. You can avoid WordPress’ stupid by linking to the old wp-admin/post-new.php version of “Add New Post.”



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2 responses to “More Thoughts about Yesterday

  1. They know that marriage supporters won’t hurt them, but the homosexual activists will.
    Not really something we can “fix,” since the solution would cost more than the problem.

  2. Thanks for the tip on avoiding WordPress’ rainbow banner. Very annoying.

    I’m still working through the dissents, but the majority opinion is a study what goes wrong when you use “hand wave away” as a legal theory.

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