A Cover Song and a Music Video

“Rosie’s Song” was one of the last filksongs I wrote as an active filker. It’s also been one of my most popular ones, and apparently gets a fair amount of people covering it. Unfortunately, I’m not really in touch with filking or Tolkien fandom, so I’ve missed a lot of people’s nice work on it. (Or I give them permission and then forget to keep track. Sorry… it’s not disrespect, I promise!)

This is a really beautiful fan music video, with unusually good use of stills from the movie trilogy. Bobajames1 has many other videos up also, including an unusual use of an old Perry Como song! He uses the audio of the recording I put up years ago on the blog.

The guitar was by Steve Macdonald! Definitely not by me! It’s his guitar arrangement too.

I think I’ve previously linked to Happyhobbitses’ fan music video, with footage from the movies. In fact, here’s the slightly higher quality older version as an old .wmv video over on Angelfire.

(Sadly, you can hear me run out of breath a lot, because I was singing fairly low in my range and because that was when I was starting to get vitamin deficiencies. Make sure you get plenty of your B vitamins and your A.)

The bright spot of having written what’s essentially a Karen Carpenter contralto, alto, or dramatic mezzo song (seeing as how I’m a lyric mezzo and that range gives me trouble) is that it’s in a range that guys can sing.

So here’s a cover by Randolf, who is apparently from somewhere in the Anglosphere. You can download the song, which is quite nice. His arrangement is a lot more modern!

Another Tolkien “Rosie’s Song” – but this one is from Sam’s point of view and has a totally different tune. Written, arranged and sung by Angelee Sailer Anderson. This is a great example of someone doing something very performance-heavy and clever, but also having good musician chops!

Totally unrelated video of a song from Valkyria Chronicles. Contains spoilers for the game. Very pretty.


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