Stuff People Have Done with “Barrayaran Roses”

“Barrayaran Roses” was written during my second year of college. I’d been writing filksongs (both parodies and originals) since I’d been twelve or so, but I’d started serious concentration on songwriting when I was sixteen or thereabouts. So say four years into concentrating on filkwriting. I could tell I’d done something good.

Andrew Eigel (Hi, Andy!) figured the chords and guitar arrangement that you’re likely to hear at a filk circle. [Probably he’s on Livejournal somewhere, but I haven’t seen him in years, alas.]

Here’s my a capella version. As you can tell, I never did quite figure out how to do that overlapping track thing, and some of the harmonies are a little off. Thanks to Steve Macdonald for trying to help me record. (Yeah, that page is old. I think he is still living in Germany. Probably he’s also on Facebook or Livejournal somewhere.)

Anyway, once upon a time in 2005, “Barrayaran Roses” even got nominated for a Pegasus Award for Best Space Opera Song.

It was recorded by W. Randy Hoffman and Kira [Heston], as the group Partners in K’RHyme, back in 2012, on their album A Fifth of Vocals. Sadly, I don’t think it’s available easily anywhere online at the moment, but you might check iTunes and Amazon. You can certainly buy it from filk dealers at sf conventions, if there is a filk dealer in your area.

It turns out that while I’ve been away from filking, Bob Kanefsky parodied my song, also in 2012. “Barrayaran Beetles.” I can die now. Okay, first I will look at Kanef’s illustration page and the “info” earthworm lyrics crawl. Then I will die. 🙂

But wait, there’s more! I also got parodied by somebody I don’t even know!! And it’s a song about ORCS! “Middle Earthly Lotus”. I don’t know who this Dana is, but apparently she writes in Hebrew, too!

So yeah, no music videos, but there’s more songwriting glory in knowing you’ve created an earworm. 🙂


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3 responses to “Stuff People Have Done with “Barrayaran Roses”

  1. Joy

    This is my favorite song of yours!

  2. madeinfandom


    I ‘m preparing to launch a podcast about filk music.
    I would like to ask your permission to broadcast your song “Barrayaran roses”. It’s a very beautiful song. Of course, you would be credited and I would put a link to your website.


    Marie Olive aka Ayla

  3. Alan Thiesen

    Congratulations on your latest Pegasus nomination for Barrayaran Roses! It is such a beautiful song!

    I assume the Dana you mention is Dana Katz-Buchshtav. They were Interfilk Guest at OVFF in 2019. See

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