In Which the Banshee Realizes the Blindingly Obvious.

Much as I love my rice cooker, it tends to overflow if I’m cooking anything sticky. Rice pudding is particularly prone to this.

Now I have learned the blindingly obvious – one can make puddings and cheesecakes and sticky rice porridges in the crockpot, which has much higher walls. Apparently tapioca pudding is a particularly good crockpot food, because that way you don’t have to stir your arm off.

Sigh. Yeah, I should have thought of that before.

This crockpot cobbler looks good, but you’d have to eat it with ice cream. Not a big fan of hot food in the summer.



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2 responses to “In Which the Banshee Realizes the Blindingly Obvious.

  1. johnfkennedy63

    Doesn’t “seem” right. I also think the crock pot method takes too long. Who can wait that long for Tapioca pudding?

  2. Don’t worry, it’s only blinding in hind-sight– and I bet it only works for stuff that doesn’t need a rice-cooker style “lid” on it, or we’d have ways to cook rice in a crockpot. (And for dang sure the Filipinos I worked with in the Navy would know it.)

    I still like the rice cooker for cutting down on how much it heats up the house, though.

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