What I’ve Been Doing

Working at my part-time job at Sam’s Club.

Yeah, pretty much that’s it. I go to work, I work, I come home, I take a shower and then take pain relievers for my aching feet and legs and back. Eventually I sleep. Then I get up and go to work.

On my days off, I try to get things done, but generally I just recover.

The major difficulty is that one has to stay hydrated while working in the fairly warmish kitchen area. However, I have now gotten used to it and have stopped sweating like a pig all the time.

It is also awesome for my sinuses. Yup, all those steaming concessions machines are a healing thing. I haven’t had a sinus headache for almost half a month. Sometimes I feel a bit of sinus pressure at home, but that’s it. Obviously I need a hot dog machine in my house, running all the time.

I’ve also gotten a bit more energetic, so instead of dragging my butt home and immediately going to bed (sometimes without even having the appetite to eat), I’m able to sit here and make a blog posting.

I’m still editing Part 2 of Commentary on the Apocalypse.

I’m still working on my Secret Novel Project.


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  1. Secret Novel Project? I can’t wait for it to become not-so-secret so I can read it.

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