SPQR’s Comment

“In #HugoAwards the #SadPuppies set the bait, painted the word “BAIT” on it; the SJWs bit and are now celebrating being hooked.”


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4 responses to “SPQR’s Comment

  1. All I’ve managed to hear is roughly that they decided if they couldn’t win, they’d take the ball and go home– is that accurate?

    (can’t do a lot of text at the moment)

  2. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I’ve been working a lot! Hope you are doing okay, and that this is just internet access troubles as opposed to real troubles.

    Yes, that’s pretty much it. Except that they also decided to vote “No Award” to anybody whom they decided was nominated by a Sad Puppy or Rabid Puppy, regardless of whether or not they would normally have wanted to vote for anyone in the category, Puppy-supported or not. (Just as Larry Correia and Vox Day predicted they would, when they were setting up Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies.) 88% of “No Award” voters didn’t bother to vote anything but “No Award” in those categories (and maybe a couple votes on the ballot somewhere else, usually in a movie or comic book category).

    The only exception was Best Novel, where apparently the SJWs wanted so badly to vote for a Chinese sf novel that they decided to forget that both Sad and Rabid Puppies added it to the list of recommendations after getting a chance to read it.

    The really bad thing was that the Hugo Award ceremonies were basically turned into a meanness fest (with official insults and nasty skits in the script), and fans who protested the bad behavior with boos were lectured from the podium by David Gerrold.

    But Toni Weisskopf didn’t stick around for the Hugo Awards, because she realized the “ass=asterisk” sf reference when they handed out wooden asterisk bases to all the Hugo nominees at the Hugo nominees reception before the Awards. So she left and went to a party where she could actually enjoy herself. (Mind you, she did get the most votes any editor has ever gotten for any editorial Hugo. It’s just that the No Award people voted even more, because a woman winning Best Editor is sexist. Or something.)

    Also, L. Jagi Lamplighter tried to introduce herself to Patrick Nielsen-Hayden at the reception, as an olive branch between him and Mr. Wright, and he yelled and cussed at her and stomped off before she could even finish her self-introduction. (Which is bad, because she’s a Tor writer and the wife of a Tor writer, and he’s a Tor editor.)

  3. Sort of both, but me and mine have come out alright so far– but several fire fighters died. 😦

    Sounds like the cad is just begging for a hostile work environment case; too bad she’s unlikely to do it.

    The “no award” thing is just pathetic.

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