What That Thing Is You Didn’t Get about UK Music

From the late 1960’s and all the way into the 1980’s, there was a large group of UK dance clubs (mostly in Northern England) which tended to play Motown music by groups that had been obscure in the US and UK, but which gained a second life through DJ’s. This influenced a lot of UK musicians (like Steve Winwood and Robert Plant) and thus created a lot of new soul music over there, which was also played in the clubs.

The movement was called Northern Soul. Yet most of the US musicians who were part of it probably never knew it….

But here’s one example: Gloria Jones’ 1964 song “Tainted Love” became a big UK hit in the 1970’s, and the singer ended up appearing with UK groups like T. Rex. (She married one of the members… awwww!) The song was covered in the UK by Soft Cell in 1982, and eventually came back to the US that way. (Although the original apparently appears on one of the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas radio stations.) It has now been covered by many groups, thanks to those UK dancehall DJ’s.

A Northern Soul article by UK folks with YouTube song references.

There are many YouTube playlists with very pleasant and interesting songs, if you search for “Northern soul.”


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