The Best Reader

“For the best reader is one who can look for the meaning of what is said in what is said, rather than what he imposes on it; and who can take that meaning rather than bring in his own; who can pick up what is seen to be contained in the words, rather than what he presumed to have understood them to contain before reading them.”

St. Hilary of Poitiers, De Trinitate, lib. I, c. 18.


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2 responses to “The Best Reader

  1. Sister Irene

    Dear M.S. O’Brien,

    Please keep at the Beatus project. I’m greatly enjoying the part you’ve published so far. Peace be with you!

    unworthy nun,

    *Sister Irene*New: The Sermons of the Saints site for phones and tablets. Please visit the Nuns’ Garden website . To subscribe to the Nuns’ Garden Periodical Page and to receive notification of uploads to The Sermons of the Saints please reply by email or through the Contact Us page on the site.

  2. Sister

    The previous comment was intended to be a private message. Please delete it, as well as this message. Thank you!

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