Mr. Hospital Is Not Always Your Friend

One of the UK sf fans recently had her father admitted to hospital after a fall after New Year’s. Within a few days, he got a chest infection, which killed him.

I’m frankly puzzled by her attitude of resignation. When my grandfather got bedsores in the hospital, we were furious with the hospital staff and we told people not to use that hospital. And bedsores are bad enough, but a chest infection??

1. If your NHS hospital is a place where people catch diseases or get infections served up by the nurses, it isn’t doing anyone any favors. You the taxpayer should be angry.

2. The people who view hospitals as a place to go and die are not paranoid; they are just assuming a hospital without adequate sanitation. No modern hospital has an excuse for being unsanitary.

3. Mr. Bleach and Mr. Real Soap are your friend. And if we’re not careful, Mr. Carbolic will have to be our friend again.


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