Well, Isn’t That Just Special.

It turns out that one of the fannish academic people whom I really like and respect has finally published a novel. In fact, two novels. From a publisher.

Unfortunately, said books are historical fantasy novels of lesbian romance.

Well, at least you can trust them to be historically plausible fantasy, because she’s an intellectually honest academic… but um… yeah.

Obviously this reduces their mass market appeal, not many bookstores are carrying them, and no, I’m not going to read them. But then, obviously the publisher isn’t spending much marketing money on them, either, since I hadn’t even heard that this person had put out any books; and one of them has been out for a year.

On the other hand, apparently this is one of those niche porny romance publishers that purposefully targets specialized audiences, so they never sell to bookstores and don’t want to attract buyers outside that audience. I suppose the advantage for the writer is not having to go out and find a bunch of readers who read specialized romances.

Anyway, I suppose I wish her good luck, but I wish she’d written something that I could actually enjoy reading. Decadence in a society is extremely inconvenient.


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