Thank You, Sarah A. Hoyt!

In her co/guest-blogger position covering Instapundit’s nights, Sarah Hoyt kindly links to books that are coming out, if you ask her.

So here’s her link boosting the new volume of my translation of the Beatus!

How powerful is the reach of Instapundit’s blog?

She posted about an obscure translation of a medieval book at two in the morning, and by noon Amazon tells me I have sold $100 worth of books. Imagine how much that is worth to a more mainstream fiction book, or a nonfiction work on a topic of more general interest.

So.. thank you, Sarah!


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One response to “Thank You, Sarah A. Hoyt!

  1. Instapundit really is a cool blog. I’d looked up Glen Reynolds but found he was no longer endorsing books; I hadn’t known Sarah Hoyt might be interested. Thank you for posting this!

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