St. Augustine on the Sword and the Soul

A good quote found at the blog of Fencing Bear at Prayer, whom I should follow.

“[O Lord,] You grasp my soul, and topple my enemies with it.

“And what is our soul? A splendid weapon it may be, long, sharp, oiled, and coruscating with the light of wisdom as it is brandished.

“But what is this soul of ours worth? What is it capable of, unless God holds it and fights with it? Any sword, however beautifully made, lies idle if there is no warrior to take it up….

“So God does whatever He wishes with our soul. Since it is in His hand, it is His to use as He will.”

— Augustine of Hippo, Exposition of Psalm 34 (35), trans. Maria Boulding, O.S.B.


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