Answering Those Important Female Questions

A female rabbi and a female Christian pastor have written a book, claiming that because theologians haven’t explicitly laid out regulations for every part of parenting and life with children, dem nasty male theologians don’t care!

Eheheh. No.

What we see here is the nasty female tendency to demand “queen bee” regulatory power over every tiny detail of life, and to try to make every person in the entire history of the world do everything the same exact way. (These are the same kinds of people who try to make rubrics for the laity’s actions in church at Mass, when traditionally the laity could pretty much do whatever the heck that didn’t frighten the horses, and who even try to regulate the direction of peoples’ thoughts while in the pews! To heck with that.)

Dem nasty male theologians have traditionally provided women with plenty of space to do things however they feel like, as individuals and as people living in different times and places under different conditions. But apparently privacy and autonomy are evil, when a Boomer deigns to want spiritual guidance.

I also see a lot of women theologians having disrespect for oral tradition among women, as well as a total devaluation of traditional female thought and action patterns. Only academic papers count. I get tired of this.

OTOH, it’s promising that these ladies did actually admit that, gosh, raising kids and making food is fulfilling and spiritual. But apparently you can’t just do it; you have to define it! and get men to listen! in only the correct way! because otherwise lived experience is valueless!

Sigh. Look, I’m a nerd, and even I think this is socially dysfunctional.

Also, for the record, as a kid I really loved all the bloody, scary parts of Scripture. (But not the mushy parts. Ew! Cooties!) This is pretty typical among kids. It’s the slightly older, more sensitive boys who tend to get bothered by the sacrifice of Isaac story, because they can start imagining themselves in the story. Maybe some girls worry about it too, but it’s boys who usually have the theological worries.

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