“Christus in Nostra Insula” Translation by Sr. Mary Francis Clare

Here’s a cool hymn for St. Brigid that I hadn’t encountered before. It is attributed to St. Ultan of Ardbreccan; or an associate of St. Brigid called St. Nennidh Lamhglan (Clean Hand), aka St. Nennius; or St. Fiacc of Sleibte.

Christus in nostra insula
Que vocatur Hivernia
Ostensus est hominibus
Maximis mirabilibus.
Que perfecit per felicem
Celestis vite virginem
Precellentem pro merito
Magno in numdi circulo.

And here’s the 1881 translation by Sr. Mary Francis Clare (aka Mary Francis Cusack), which is apparently found in some hymnbooks but not ours here!

In our island, Christ was shown to all
By Brigid’s saintly life;
Excelling all who came before,
She conquered in the strife.
Like her no other saint was found,
But Jesus’ mother blest:
Her virtues and her wondrous fame
Can never be expressed.

With holy fervor girded round,
The victor’s palm she gains;
And like the glorious sun above,
In heaven refulgent reigns.
Then listen to this virgin’s praise:
To Christ she gave her vow.
Faithful she kept it; her reward
Is reigning with him now.

O queen, enthroned in heaven above
Look on thy children dear;
And help them to eternal life,
In God’s most holy fear.
Christ Jesus, author of all good,
Have mercy upon me;
That with Thy angels up in heaven,
I may Thy mercy see.

Here’s the book it was taken from: Cloister Songs and Hymns for Children, 1881, by Sr. Mary Francis Clare. It includes some really gorgeous translations. “Alone I Am upon the Mountain” is an amazing translation of a hymn attributed to St. Columba.

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