The Good Old Days?

From “Stopping the Leaks,” America, September 2, 1916:

“Among other matters, dangers to young girls were investigated. From reliable sources of information, it was discovered that about 8,000 young girls disappeared each year from the railroad trains running between New York and Chicago.”

8000 girls a year, on just one railroad line. Think about that.

Here’s an article from a Jewish magazine (The Reform Advocate, Vol. 52, August 2, 1916), noting various travelers’ aid groups that worked to protect young women riding the trains, or arriving in cities for the first time. (Nobody mentions “pimps” or “psycho killers” or “lying sweatshop recruiters,” but I think we can assume that.) So if you’ve ever wondered what “Traveler’s Aid” was about, now you know.

In the America article, there’s also some stuff about the founding of CCD (the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) classes, and how many had to be taught outside for lack of any place to meet and teach kids.

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