A Man and His Horse

Interesting news story about a VA hospital in Texas letting a disabled horse trainer, Roberto Gonzales, see his horses one last time.

Horses like to breathe on each other and smell each other’s breath, as a sort of bonding or checkup. Horses like it if you breathe on them, too. So what you see here is the horse seeing what’s been happening with his trainer, and probably trying to encourage him by staying close to him.

Features an unexplained closeup of Mr. Gonzales’ Brown Scapular. (News cameramen seem to love to pan around and find pictures of interesting stuff that is in the background, but never explained by the voiceover. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be additional info, or if news story editors just like pictures so much that they don’t care if they ever get explained.)

Anyway, please pray for him and for his family.

Also, the VA wants people to know that they do try to accommodate dying wishes. (Or at least this particular hospital does.)

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