Dominican Ninja Warrior?

Man, what is it with Dominicans and game shows? Are they competitive or what?

Tonight on American Ninja Warrior, Sean Bryan, a layman and live-in IT guy for the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (the West Coast branch in Berkeley) managed to get through the LA city course in one of the fastest times of the night.

He is competing with the nickname “Papal Ninja,” and his supporters wore yellow and white T-shirts featuring a cute mini-ninja in white. (Probably he was originally thinking “Papist Ninja,” but that’s a bit too much inside baseball. And yeah, not broadcast-standards-friendly.)

He was on the Berkeley gymnastics team, and he spent four years discerning with the Salesians (and a bit with the Dominicans) before deciding that he wasn’t called to be a religious. But they kept him on, as their IT guy, and he built a ninja gym in the Dominicans’ garage. (Without previous permission from the prior… but the prior said it was okay afterward.)

He has a BA in physics and a Masters in Theology. His thesis was on Vatican II ecclesiology, and the importance of liturgy in finding how to worship God both in liturgy and everyday life. He also works on the Lay Mission Project, designed to form and encourage Catholic laypeople to evangelize and do God’s will. So yeah, that’s pretty darned Salesian.

They had viewing parties for the guy. He also had Dominicans in full habit cheering him on at Universal Studios LA, where the event was held!

Here’s his lay ministry page, and here’s his Facebook page.


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