Jihad Attack in Orlando on Gay Nightclub

Omar Mateen attacked the patrons of an Orlando nightclub called Pulse, killing up to fifty people. Please pray for them.

Video by Robert Spencer on Jihadist violence during Ramadan.

Although Ramadan was set up to be a time of fasting, and of truce among Muslims, it was also set up by some Muslim traditions as “a month of calamity for unbelievers.” Most of Muhammad’s raids and battles traditionally took place during Ramadan.

An article quoting the hadiths which demand expulsion and death for male adults who have sex with each other. (Meanwhile, men having non-consensual sex with boys is traditionally okay, and the description of heaven for Muslim jihadis includes both supernatural young women (houri) and younger boys (ghilman).) Persons convicted of homosexual sexual behavior are routinely hung in Iran, and by law they are subject to public execution or extremely long prison sentences in many other Muslim states.

Initial reporting has been very strange in the American media, with many sources refusing to report that Mateen was Muslim, that he attacked with every indication of committing jihad, or that he deliberately targeted a nightclub where he could kill homosexuals. Meanwhile, persons setting up as spokesmen for LGBT interests are not making much mention of the sharia law reasons for Mateen’s attack, but instead are attacking people like Marco Rubio, or the Miami Red Cross (for restricting blood donations from people with risky sexual behavior in order to avoid AIDS tests for every batch of blood, even though that is done only for public health reasons and benefits everyone).

Yeah, it’s really smart to attack the integrity of the blood supply, right after a mass shooting of people who need blood. Yup.

On the other hand, the Log Cabin Republicans have a truthful statement about the attack.

UPDATE: The news media finally did get around to reporting the obvious, on Monday. But some outlets are still downplaying or not reporting things like the imam Mateen followed in online classes and in a local visit to the Orlando mosque, who was quoted as saying in his Friday sermon that all homosexuals should be executed, and that it was an act of compassion to kill them. (Yeah, that guy.)

There are now some reports that Mateen had been interested in homosexual sex himself. Well, everybody knows that the Quran says that if you can just do some jihad and die, your previous sins won’t matter because you’ll go directly to heaven. So many terrorists feel that they should rack up more sins while they’re at it. Heck, the 9/11 terrorists made sure to go out and get drunk and do all sorts of “un-Islamic” things, rather than preparing for death by living clean and sober lives.



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2 responses to “Jihad Attack in Orlando on Gay Nightclub

  1. After an Islamic Democrat opens fire in crowded nightclub the media immediately starts attacking Christians and Republicans. Why? Well, they can’t attack Democrats because those are the people who pay their salaries, and they can’t attack Muslims because it takes guts to criticize people who kill their critics. Much safer to incite violence against law-abiding and largely powerless people.

  2. Unfortunately I think we’re getting used to this. If the press doesn’t immediately report that the shooter is white, Christian, and a Tea Party supporter, we can pretty much assume we’re dealing with what Robert Spencer has referred to as Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

    And then the press goes on air wondering 1) why the electorate this year has a sense of “deep-seated rage”, and 2) why the MSM is disliked and distrusted.

    That whole “among Muslims” bit is, I think, one of the key points of confusion. C.S. Lewis pointed out decades ago that of all the Great Religions, only Islam lacks some form of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Instead, Islam has times of truce, and vows, and so on – that only apply to other Muslims. And then various people who haven’t done their homework say, look at all these good things in the religion, without paying attention to the caveat, “and none of these apply to the unbelievers, who can be dealt with however is most convenient, and usually violently.”

    If people can’t speak the truth about that, we have problems.

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