The Best Instagram Page Ever.

Walter the Wolfhound.

The dress-up pictures are surprising. I mean, usually wolfhounds will put up with bandanas, but anything on the head gets shaken off and anything on the body tends to get clawed or shaken. The major question is whether it will just drop off (as they give you a long-suffering look), or whether it will be removed violently. Clothing on you is safe; clothing on them is either annoying or a chewtoy. The only exception was one of our old lady wolfhounds, who got cold enough in the winter that she would submit to having a coat laid over her. (Oh, and I’ve also seen unspayed female wolfhounds get the dubious fun of wearing panties (with a hole for their tails) with pads to soak up their periods. They don’t like it but get used to it, since they’re practical hounds. Wolfhounds prefer to be clean.)

So obviously this wolfhound is either extremely patient, or thinks that clothing is an awesome, funny game.

It is also possible that the owner is wily in the ways of bribery… but really, I think the owner is an extremely good obedience trainer. I mean, this dog is shown sitting and laying near food, but not eating it! Wolfhounds like the smell of cake… they are willing to go for wine or coffee… or anything else they can get. So yeah, that’s good training.

Also, Young Walter the Wolfhound copes with going down a flight of stairs.

He’s not so much afraid, as unsure where to put his feet. (Doesn’t help that it’s a hardwood floor.) Sometimes you can show a young dog what to do, but sometimes they just have to figure it out.

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