Canada, About That “Strong and Free” Thing…

Our Northern ally, Canada, has abandoned its only Arctic deepwater port. It also doesn’t have any armed forces up there.

The article points out that China doesn’t acknowledge Canada’s title to the Northwest Passage, and apparently intends to ship stuff through there without asking Canada’s leave. And Canada can’t stop them, because they no longer have a blue-water navy, or even much in the way of icebreakers and Coast Guard cutters. The Coast Guard in Churchill doesn’t even own a boat.

I guess the only question is whether they sell their port to a “Chinese company,” or just wait for Putin to invade instead.

Obviously, I’m not in favor of having the Northern door to the US stuck wide open, but I’m not sure what we can do about it. (Other than having a heavily armed “American company” buy the place, and that seems like overreaching.)

Sigh. Why do I feel like we’re playing a game of Risk, and the US is about to get clobbered?


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