Happy St. Martin de Porres Day!

He was a short guy from Lima, Peru. He had a hard time getting into the Dominican convent, thanks to his illegitimate birth and mixed race, as well as not being very well to do. He fed the poor, answered the door, and scrubbed the floors. He also used his early training as a barber/surgeon to help the sick. He was a great friend of St. Rosa of Lima, with whom he shared a love of austerities, fasting, and mortification. You might have heard all this in school.

But he also got cats, dogs, mice, and rabbits to eat peacefully together; was frequently seen bilocating to Japan or the Philippines or Mexico to chat with absent friends; and once teleported an entire class of novices a few miles, so that they wouldn’t be late for lunch.

In short, he was a miracleworker and a locus of wonders.

Apparently he also helps the Cubs win. 😉


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