There is a fanfiction author out there who writes very engaging stories in a massive crossover universe. His main character is his self-insertion character, and of course this character has totally non-jealous serial sexual relationships with most of the main female characters. It has a lot of other elements, but “Chicks dig guys who rule the universe” is one of the main themes. (Albeit not consciously.)

So of course this guy inveighs against Trump. For saying that chicks dig guys who are rich and famous.

He also comes from a small population state, but hates the Electoral College. (His fanfic universe government does have checks and balances, but they involve science fictional devices and minor gods. Yeah. I think I would rather have electors.)

One of his commenters further failed to comprehend districting of Congressional seats, because large cities are supposed to rule us all.

These same people are always writing about how city neighborhoods and small towns all have their own priorities and needs, and their fanfic governments are small. But in life, they ignore their own beliefs in favor of drinking the Kool-Aid.

Oh, and the Clintons have never, ever done anything sketchy. Nothing. Sans peur et sans reproche.

People just do not pay attention to themselves.

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One response to “Contradiction

  1. Craig N.

    Electors are certainly less likely to cause unintended consequences than most hypertech SF devices, or any minor gods at all.

    Does he actually defend the Clintons against accusations or just try to ignore it all into extinction?

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