The Sculpted Ship, by K. M. O’Brien

My brother Kevin just finished his science fiction novel and put it up on Amazon on Saturday. It’s listed under Steampunk (because the manners and mores of the local galactic empire tend that way, and they’re major features of the plot) and Galactic Empire (because there is one). I copy-edited it and I’m proud of it, but he got most of the ideas that improved it. (He’s the kind of guy who tends not to follow your ideas, but likes to bounce his ideas off yours until he gets something he likes. He has good instincts.)

He’s got a blurb, but let me tell you about the book.

Cover of The Sculpted Ship by K. M. O'Brien

The Sculpted Ship is a small business development story. Anailu Xindar finds the perfect starship of her dreams, and plans to put it to work for her new cargo hauling business. But at the cheap price she got it, you know it has to be a fixer-upper. Finding the parts is going to be a problem. But this time, it’s the intrigue, traps, and very-bad-things kind of problem.

(Yes, Kevin is the kind of computer geek who also has car and truck projects in the backyard.)

Even before the parts problem kicks in, it turns out that having a unique ship gives you unique opportunities to make money — but only if you train yourself to take advantage of them. And in Anailu’s society, it means learning how to mix with the rich, make bets with other captains, and buy fancy duds. From a fashion designer. Who likes frou-frou. Anailu likes to plan ahead, but she never planned on this!

This book stands alone, but Kevin is writing a second Anailu novel right now. In fact, he wants to have a whole series. He’s got some great worldbuilding ideas, and he also has a good sense of storytelling and humor. I also think you will like Anailu and her friends; I sure do.

The Sculpted Ship is only $3.99 $2.99, as of November 26. So check out the sample pages and see if you like it!

PS. I don’t have Kevin’s Amazon affiliate link at the moment, and I’m not one. So feel free to search out The Sculpted Ship from the affiliate of your choice. He’s going to have it up on Barnes and Noble and Kobo, too, but right now it’s just on Amazon.

PPS. I hope everybody has a happy Thanksgiving. I spent most of the morning still resting from last night, because things have been crazy at the store all the last few weeks. And tomorrow morning is Black Friday. I’m certainly getting hours!


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12 responses to “The Sculpted Ship, by K. M. O’Brien

  1. Craig N.

    It’s currently coming in at #22 in Steampunk, which is pretty amazing for a first release.

    • Well, I got the luck of an Instalanche for one of my posts; and then added a link to the book and made sure the review post was up top. Then Kevin’s submission to Free Range Oyster’s weekly book promo post on Sarah Hoyt’s blog came through, which was very good timing with Kev’s price drop for Thanksgiving weekend.

      But also, it’s a darned good book with a good blurb and sample chapters, and the cover is striking. That stuff helps a lot.

      The funny bit is that Kevin was secretly fearing that only his friends and family could possibly be interested in his novel. I always told him otherwise, and now he has to admit that I was right!

      • Adam

        I found this blog after reading the book and looking for an author website. Does you brother have one, and when does he plan to have a sequel out?

      • kim munk

        Love the book!!! Hurry and get the next one done!!!!!

  2. Zaklog the Great

    Off topic: You commented on my first YouTube video, so I just wanted to let you know that I just posted another if you’re interested:

    How to Destroy a People

  3. Rick

    Sculpted Ship shows emmaculate universe building. I really enjoy the way the main character just lives her life fulfilling personal ambitions and enjoying every second of an adventurous life. The characters are real; it is a hard life, making your way as an independent freighter, and this comes through the story. I’ve known independent freight haulers and they worked hard to make sure they had freight to haul to there next destination with no ‘deadheading’ driving any where with out a load was net loss and to compete with the big outfits they couldn’t risk losing out on a full load. But I got the impression most of them wouldn’t live any other way if they had the choice.

  4. kim munk

    When is the sequel coming ? I love this book and can’t wait for the next book!

  5. kim munk

    Love the book!!! Hurry and get the next one done!!!!!

  6. Alvah

    I read this book about a year or so ago. I like the story and how the story moved along. The only complaint I have is that I am waiting for the next instilment. We, the reader(s) are left wondering just what the main character(s) are going to do next how that the ship has the parts to finish is restoration. Come on KM got time to revisit the story and add 15 or so chapters.

  7. Karen Bailey

    Is Kevin’s book available in print form or just digital? I’m an old school book nerd, as YOU would know, Mis Maureen!

  8. Yes, it is available in paperback!

    Nice to hear from you!

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