Fake Outrage

Yup, the media tried to gin up outrage stories on Christmas again.

Reince Pribus wrote up a nice Christmas message from the Republican National Committee without mentioning any Republican, and without trying to tie the holiday to politics. In fact, he declared American Christians’ allegiance to Christ as the “new king,” proclaimed anew every Christmas. (Possibly referencing Poland’s recent national re-coronation of Jesus as King of Poland; but probably just as a reminder of the world beyond politics.)

Apparently this extremely obvious truism was something new to CNN and other news outlets, because they reported that Pribus was calling Trump a king. When reminded that the obvious topic of the message was the birthday boy, Jesus, the media moved to claiming that Pribus was obviously drawing comparisons between Jesus and Trump… even though Trump was never mentioned at all.

Obama is the one with delusions of royalty and godhood, guys.

The other story was even sillier. The Daily Mail said that Melania Trump wore a “very short skirt” to Episcopalian Midnight Mass in Palm Beach.

It was maybe an inch, inch and a half above the knee, and she is a tall woman with a very long thigh and leg. So no, it was not short. Laura Bush would have had no problem wearing that skirt to church. (Although it would have been knee length on Laura Bush.) It wasn’t tight or loose, either; it just looked fitted. I couldn’t pull off a golden Christmas outfit, but it looked quite classy on her. So I say, “Good for her.”


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2 responses to “Fake Outrage

  1. *looks it up*

    OK, when the Daily Mail has trouble finding a picture that looks as short as normal wear skirts in a magazine, there’s an issue with the claim.

    For heaven’s sakes, one of the pictures shows her sitting, and leaning forward– and the skirt is long enough that it’s nicely smooth over her legs and looks like one of those 1960s “this is how you can tell your skirt isn’t too short” illustrations. It’s longer than a pair of normal shorts.

    Meanwhile, a “long skirt” for my 7 year old has her underwear on the wood. -.-

    I can’t stand that sort to wear for myself, but I can’t stand shorts, either.

    Now…why the @#$@# was someone taking pictures of a lady’s legs at midnight Mass on Christmas? Doesn’t anyone find this a bit creepy?

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