Blogging Hiatus Should Be Over

Yes, I am alive. I have just been busy at work, as well as busy helping my brother Kevin work on his sequel novel (which is more a matter of keeping him company while we both write, therefore staying accountable). Also, I hate having to heat the computer room just so I can use the big computer instead of a tablet. (And tablets stink at making links.)

So yes, I’ve been letting this blog go, and writing really long comments on other people’s blogs instead. I apologize. It’s a bad habit, which this blog was invented to break.

And then there’s Trump. I never really knew what to think of him during the campaign, and I voted for him more as a matter of party loyalty than personal pleasure. But to be honest, the more that SJWs went nuts against the man, the more entertaining it became. By Election Day, I was starting to warm to the whole idea of a President Trump, although I was pretty sure the Democrats would manage to steal the election somehow.

Heh. I was never so glad to be wrong. Is there anyone in the world who would actually want to work with Hillary as their boss? Is she not the stuff of office nightmares?

By Inauguration Day, I was solidly in favor of Trump. If he had been chosen to be CEO of a company where I was employed, I would have been feeling good about it. I’m still not sure how he’ll fare as our US president, but he’s doing a good job so far. The bizarre overreaction of the Left just makes it all sweeter. I am sorry for those people on the left whom I know personally, because they can’t seem to stay sane about the poor man. But then, they did the same hissy fits about Ronald Reagan, both Bushes, Mitt Romney, Condeleeza Rice, Sarah Palin, and the fence-straddling McCain, so it’s hard to care.

Not much else to say, but I’m sure I’ll have more later. The weather has gotten a lot better.


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8 responses to “Blogging Hiatus Should Be Over

  1. Sister

    This is refreshing. Thank you!
    I do hope you are working on the 3rd part of Beatus of Liebana 🙂

  2. Not old enough to know anyone, as a friend, who had the CHANCE to flip out over Reagan–but reassured to hear it.

    We went down to the wire on if our protest vote would be Trump or Third Party, too…..

  3. johnfkennedy63

    I also wasn’t a Trump fan either, but it was an easy choice at election time. In general, I give him 5 out of 5 for trying to actually do what he said he would do. Most of all I LOVE how he makes the Democrats and liberals heads explode. I hope it lasts.

  4. TSO

    Yes I can relate to much of your view on Trump. I’ve certainly warmed up to the prospect of his presidency since Inauguration day. And the freakout by the Left is just an epic sanity meltdown.

  5. My opinion on Trump pre-voting was, “If all he does is nothing, we’re ahead of the game.” Stop the endless parade of regulations, stop the mealy-mouthed catering to our country’s enemies, just stop. And let the whole country have a breather.

    So far, I’m cautiously optimistic. 🙂

  6. Heck, if all he does is Clinton Part II we’d be ahead– and considering how much damage*, before you even count the time-bombs, Bill Clinton did…. *shudder*

    *Short form: a whole lot of the over-reach that Obama did had long standing precedent– set by Clinton, but targeting rural areas. Obama was different in targeting cities, and people with money.

    • And no, I don’t have a list of examples, because it was more like every bleeping time someone flipped out about Obama’s gov’t doing this or that outrage, I’d find myself blinking and wonder what the heck was new about that– the only other Democrat in my memory had done the same thing, and you could usually find examples of it by searching Range Magazine’s back articles.

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