Yup, Still Alive

I was sick for about six weeks with that thing that’s going around, mostly because we were understaffed at work and I was thus unable to take sick days or get much rest. So I think I have a good excuse for not keeping up with the blog. Or calling anyone. Or doing much of anything.

However, I did have one very fun time during my recuperation period. I got to get off from work and go to a little bit of Marcon, in pursuit of publicity for my brother Kevin’s book, The Sculpted Ship. Marcon isn’t as overly crowded these days, to the point that I am worried about it; but it has a very pleasant atmosphere and the company is good. (At least for the few hours I was there.)

I also visited Blessed Margaret of Castello’s shrine up in Columbus, which is quite close to the convention center, and prayed for a friend who is getting big foot surgery this month. (Please pray for her too. The first surgery was successful, but they’re doing the other leg next.)

I am trying to get all the way well, and I mean to write more stuff.

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