Bad Euphemisms: “Deaf Friendly”

“Deaf friendly” is apparently the new way of saying “I know American Sign Language.”

But instead of people having a little sign that says “ASL Understood Here” or “I Know ASL,” they are being denoted as “Deaf Friendly.”

Which sounds like, “Most people hate and fear deaf people, but I am friendly to them.” Yeaaaah.

I suppose that the inventors of this euphemism are trying to make an analogy to “user friendly.” Unfortunately, this implies that ASL translators are machines, not people, and that their skill is best demonstrated by robotic obedience.

Euphemisms. Nothing “eu-” about them.

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One response to “Bad Euphemisms: “Deaf Friendly”

  1. Eh, if there is one person on staff who can be called in when someone starts signing, I could see that as “Deaf friendly.”

    But it’s silly otherwise.

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