Vogue Article on Rejecting Birth Control Never Mentions Religious Reasons

Amazingly, it’s not all that safe to jam a bunch of random female hormones down a growing girl’s throat, or to stop a woman’s reproductive system from working as directed. If you’re the kind of person who worries about artificial everything, maybe you should worry about your constant pilltaking first.

UK Vogue reports this, along with a new major study showing that birth control causes depression in a lot of women, as well as weight gain and all sorts of hormonal seesaws. Shockingly Enough!

Vogue also reports that A SMART WOMAN has invented a TOTALLY NEW approach.

You measure and chart your body temperature changes, and that tells you when you could have a baby!

Why, who woulda thunkit?

Of course, the entire article never mentions anything about religion, or about how this measuring and charting thing used to be TOTALLY TERRIBLE and OBSOLETELY OLD-FASHIONED. Also, this comes with a phone app called Natural Cycles, and an automatic algorithm. That makes it different. (And of course it’s got to be considered birth control, instead of self control.)

They do mention that the NHS is in favor of it now. Of course, it’s because the NHS is desperately trying to cut costs and never prescribe anybody any kind of care that isn’t self-paid. But even a blind squirrel can find the odd nut.

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One response to “Vogue Article on Rejecting Birth Control Never Mentions Religious Reasons

  1. Mary

    Perhaps it would have alienated the audience.

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