Lone What?!

We had some state issues I wanted to vote on, so I went to my polling place this morning. It’s a church at the back of a very quiet platte, set a few blocks away from the highway, the mall, and Wright State University. I kept my eyes open, because on the past few election days, I’ve seen various wild animals and some possible coyotes in the area while walking to and from.

Well, I definitely saw something today. She was standing in the middle of one of the roads in the platte, looking at me rather bemusedly. She seemed a bit big for a coyote, because she was about the size of a German shepherd. She was sort of a dark brown/gray brindle, but she had a few touches of red.

The funny thing was that her conformation was more like a dog, at least when she was standing still.

She didn’t look aggressive, sick, or starved, but it seemed pretty strange for a nocturnal animal like a coyote to be out openly at 9:30 AM.

Well, I didn’t think it was a good idea to turn my back, or to advance. So I sternly told the critter to go home.

She looked at me funny.

I repeated myself.

She looked disgusted, turned, and sort of slunk off into the easement between two fenced yards, in the general direction of some vacant wildish ground. I watched her go, checked around for other coyotes, and proceeded on my way. I also called county animal control and the state wildlife people, but neither one were particularly interested.

The problem is that, when I looked at pictures of Ohio coyotes, she didn’t really look like them.

She looked like the left-hand side of this comparison photo. Not with the white markings, though, and with more of a gray-brown body and a reddish face. Except for the color, she also looked a lot like this picture of an Eastern coyote with a lot more wolfish look than most.

So… yeah. I’m kinda reconsidering this whole concept of “walking to my assigned polling place.”

(And yeah, I can’t really say that I regret not having a photo. I’m thinking that fishing around in my bag, instead of looking stern and dominant until she was gone, would not have been a good plan.)

On the other hand, the recent non-Viking version of the Wright State Raiders mascot may now constitute a valid local reference….


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3 responses to “Lone What?!

  1. Rich

    Fox maybe? That would explain the red. I’m told they’re being chased into urban and suburban areas by … coyotes.

    • Foxes are indeed part of the genetic mix of eastern coyotes. Apparently some canids are not picky.

      But if I ever saw a fox that was as big as a big German shepherd, I would want foxhunters to be better armed….

  2. We have coyotes out at all hours, but “we” is my folks on the rural Washington ranch during calving season– the cows will let the coyotes walk right up.

    That was before they reintroduced wolves– oh, I mean, the entire breeding pack magically appeared about a hundred miles away, according to the sudden spike in “nobody can leave any pets smaller than a wolfhound out over-night” pet vanishings. Totally natural.

    Could be a CoyDog– large feral dogs can out compete male coyotes, and they do act more like that.

    But yeah, body language is good. Maybe a big stick,too. I am looking into getting one, because there are WAY too many (thank God solo) dogs who appear to be abandoned and half-feral for me to do my walks, and I’m getting fatter…..

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