“He will not let His beloved see decay”

In preparation for his beatification, and in order to obtain first degree relics for veneration in various places, Blessed Solanus Casey’s remains were exhumed this summer for the second time. (The first time was back in 1987, when he was being made a Venerable, and being transferred from the Capuchin cemetery to a special tomb.)

And it turns out that Blessed Solanus’ body is still one of the incorruptibles. They were even able to have his relatives officially identify him from his face.

Dr. Werner Spitz, a Detroit pathologist who happens to be Jewish, was called upon to act as a medical witness. He said that it was the best-looking 60 year old corpse he’d ever seen!

Incorruptibility serves as a visible sign of God’s love working through a holy person’s body as well as his soul, making him like Christ. Since we believe that our bodies will be resurrected on the last day and made new in Christ, it is a demonstration of the reasons for our hope. It also shows that, if Christ can work through a body to keep it partially or completely undecayed, He can certainly work miracles through bodily relics.

Here’s the amazing story of the miracle worked at Bl. Solanus Casey’s tomb for a Panamanian woman, which got him his beatification. She didn’t go there to pray for herself. But Blessed Solanus insisted on healing her genetic disease anyway! Vocally! And he got it done in an instant!

He is still following a path that’s clear to God, even if not to us!

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  1. What great day for the Church. I’ll need to tell my CCD students about the new Blessed as another example of a saint from contemporary times. They seem to think that saints are all from ancient times, which somehow makes their witness less relevant.

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