Pope Zachary Said, That St. Boniface Said, That St. Virgilius Said, That….

Excerpt from Pope Zachary, Epistola 11, to Archbishop Boniface.

Migne, SL 89, 945-947.

….Meanwhile, Your Brotherly Reverence writes that you have learned of a certain priest of Irish birth, Samson by name, who, wandering from the way of truth, is saying and affirming that one can make a Catholic Christian by imposition of an episcopal hand, without mystic invocation or the laver of regeneration. But he who says this is empty of the Holy Spirit and foreign to the grace of Christ, and should be thrown out of the sacerdotal fellowship. For who can be Catholic without being baptized in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, according to the Lord’s command, and who can so be consecrated through the imposition of a hand? Expel this man, and any such men preaching condemned things to the holy Church of God.

And if one holds a doubt that those men who were baptized by heretics, may not have been baptized in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, inquire into the truth of the matter. If they were baptized wrongly by sacerdotes and this is without doubt, according to the mandate handed down to you from Our predecessor of good memory, Pope Gregory, and the sacred canons, do not omit to complete the baptism, lest they perish forever; but let them be saved by a better evangelical consecration.

[More stuff about the Frankish bishops and saying hello to them.]

But greet them all in turn, my dearest, with the kiss of Christ’s peace, because We have sent letters with Our love and thanks to those doing apostolic work.

On the other hand, it has also been intimated by Your Fraternal Holiness that this Virgilius — and We do not know if he is to be called a priest! — has acted wickedly against you in this way: that he has confused you by wandering himself away from Catholic doctrine; inserting himself with Odilo, Duke of Bavaria, so that he could seed hatred between him and you, affirming that, freed up by Us, he alone would obtain a diocese, and be quit of those four bishops which your fraternity had ordained over there; which never was true, because iniquity lied to him.

But concerning his perverse and iniquitous doctrine, which he has spoken about, against God and his own soul. If it should be made clear that he has confessed to such things — that there may be another world and other humans under the earth, or [another] sun and moon — these things — after holding council, drive him from the Church, deprived of the honor of a sacerdote.

And also, We have sent summoning letters to the aforesaid Duke, writing him that he should present himself to Us, and a strict investigation is required; if he should be found straying, he will be condemned by canonical sanctions. For he sows painful things; they reap themselves. And as it is written, “For perverse thoughts separate us from God, but his proven power reproves the unwise.” (Wis. 1:3)

But concerning the abovewritten Samson, and the priest Virgil, We have examined what Your Holiness has written. We wrote them indeed, as was proper, warning them; for trust is granted more to Your Brotherhood than to them.

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  1. Sister

    I’m still looking forward to your next book. Please keep translating!

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