Muffin Surprise!

Up in Chicago, there’s a place called Dokil Bakery that ships goodies all over the place. My local Korean groceries carry their chestnut bread, sweet bean bread, and castella cakes, and it’s good stuff.

So I saw a new castella muffin/cupcake at the Korean grocery. It had big red splotches and some stringy stuff, and it looked interesting. Of course I bought it.

Heh. Surprise!

1. It was a savory muffin/popover.

2. The red blotches were chili peppers.

3. The filling was some kind of grated cabbage.

So… yeah… it was tasty tasty tasty, and I don’t regret buying it. But the packaging and ingredient list were totally incorrect!

Literally, “the cake was a lie” ….


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2 responses to “Muffin Surprise!

  1. iolanthe95

    Your muffin sounds. . .interesting. Thank you very much for my Christmas gift. Check your email for yours.

  2. Lisa M

    so glad you posted this! I saw this thing at my local int’l grocery today & bought it on a whim. It looked savory (the green stuff looked like broccoli) so I hoped it might be suitable for a light lunch. Glad to hear your report! thanks. 🙂

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