Sorry for the Long Blog Silence….

I could have sworn I was posting regularly, but obviously not!

I have unearthed some old posts, as well as making a new one below.


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4 responses to “Sorry for the Long Blog Silence….

  1. Oh Thank Goodness!
    You’re OK!
    I hope your time away from the computer has been enjoyable.
    Merry Belated Christmas.

  2. Alia

    I am glad you are back. I like your blog – there are not many intelligent blogs on the web, and I learned several things from yours. Good luck.

  3. Wanted to drop a note – have you ever seen Wagon Train, black & white western from late ’50s-early ’60s? There’s an episode from 1958, “The Daniel Barrister Story”, that I thought you might like – goes into respecting freedom of belief, and balancing that with medicine and compassion. Uses some very good quotes from St. Paul.

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