Good News: Bad News: Winx

Netflix is doing some horrendous live-action adaptation of Winx Club. There’s a trailer. Nice visual effects and a couple of cute monsters… but otherwise, it has nothing to do with the Italian comic or cartoon. The director apparently hated the original show, and has decided to do a darker, “more realistic” version that looks like Lovecraftian Riverdale meets Firestarter. And just to put a capper on it, they jettisoned several of the most popular main characters (Tecna, Flora), turned Musa the fairy of music into a fairy using headphones to block out other people’s thoughts, and cast a bunch of late twenties actresses to play barely teenaged teenagers. Oh, and they turned several characters that happened to be non-white into white characters. Which is weird, even for 2020. (But hey, they took the characters’ iconic clothing colors away, so why keep the iconic skin and hair colors, even if it’s a sentai team thing?) And there are apparently no fun/ridiculous fashions, because in 2020, nobody is allowed to have fun.

Good news, though: There’s a fan-voiced, fan-cut “The Winx Abridged Show.” It’s pretty funny. (Not for kids – this is that phase in the fandoms when all the original kid-viewers are now in college or have jobs.) The episodes basically assume that you’ve watched a fair number of the original seasons, as well as the World of Winx episodes on Nickelodeon. But it’s accessible even if you’ve only watched a few episodes (or seasons).

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