Praise and Worship Music

Not as bad as cruddy Seventies and Eighties “hymns,” but… ugh, I am so so tired of being forced to sing this stuff every week.

  1. Piano songs.
  2. Unison in weird ranges.
  3. Syrupy.
  4. Totally dedicated to personal, individual experience, making it all about ME instead of God.
  5. Encourages people to sing in a whispery way that creates vocal nodes and bad vocal habits.
  6. Always the same freaking song construction formulas, to the point that I can often tell how the song is going to sound before we get there.
  7. No, we haven’t all heard this song, nor does every parish subject people to it.
  8. No, the music is not all that popular with all the younger people. It’s popular with certain younger people whom you know, but the others either are neutral or don’t like it at all.

On the bright side, the doctrinal issues are usually not there — often because they are avoided in favor of a vague “God loves you, feel good about that” attitude. Nobody ever does anything really evil that they have to repent and amend; they just feel shame and are cheered up by God. Nobody is ever angry at God; they just didn’t know Him. And so on. The music pretends that the dark side of life and faith is dealt with, but it’s not even allowed to exist in the lyrics. All people are victims looking for comfort, and there is no place for villains looking to become saints.

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  1. Makes me realize how lucky we are with our (quite traditional) parish. Even the Spanish guitar mass (ad orientem, and, often said by the same priest who does the TLM) has decent music compared to this.

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