Today I Learned, UK Edition

Today I learned that UK schools have a “reception year.” Which means that they want every kid to go to school during the calendar year that they turn five… even if they are actually only four.

I mean, geez, I didn’t enjoy going to preschool for a few months in spring when I was four, and that was only a few hours a day with naptime. I was one of the smaller kids in my kindergarten class when I was five, because my birthday was right before the limit of entry. It was kind of a relief when the tornado knocked down the building where the preschool had been, because it meant that I didn’t have to spend the day with strangers anymore.

I cannot imagine being simultaneously a four-year-old in a classroom of five-year-olds, and already able to read short chapter books. It sounds like a freaking dystopian nightmare.


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2 responses to “Today I Learned, UK Edition

  1. Mary

    When I was four, the cutoff was December for kindergarten. I wasn’t the only four year old.

  2. Oh, man, you had to have your fifth birthday before the first of September, and school didn’t even start until September 15th or so. I had an August birthday, so that was no fun for me, being almost the youngest as well as the smallest.

    Not that it occurred to me at the time, because I was totally unaware that I was getting hassled because I was the easiest physical target, plus having glasses. I thought it was all about the glasses.

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