Steve Martin Does a Mystery Show

I just saw a hilarious/interesting trailer for a new show called Only Murders in the Building.

Steve Martin and Martin Short team up with Selena Gomez to solve crime, when one of their Upper West Side NYC apartment building neighbors gets murdered.

The conceit is that Martin Short’s character decides to produce a true crime podcast about the murder, and then ropes in the other characters to help him. But the amateur sleuths soon start to find themselves in real danger, and the body count just might rise!

It looks like the show is going to ride the line between a comedy and a true cozy mystery, making good use of the NYC setting.

Steve Martin has done mystery plots in the past, and honestly the world of true crime fans and podcasts is a great source of pathos, intelligent but goofy characters, and comedy gold. So I am crossing my fingers for this one to work. And I like Steve Martin and Martin Short, and Selena Gomez seems to know how an actress plays a good lead.

It’s going to be on Hulu sometime soon, so maybe check it out!

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