Pre-Vatican II Hats, Fr. Kapaun Edition

The Servant of God Father Emil Kapaun’s funeral Mass was today. He died in the Korean War, a hero and martyr, but his body was not identified until this year. He was escorted home the other day, got his funeral Mass today, and will be interred in Wichita’s cathedral, as part of the sainthood cause process.

Before Mass, there’s a beautiful setting of the “Anima Christi” prayer, followed by a nice organ piece, followed by a rare audio recording of Kapaun giving a sermon on true peace.

After that, there’s a presentation of historical photographs, including one of Kapaun playing baseball in his priest shirtsleeves.

And at 8:17, there’s a picture of the Servant of God saying Mass, with a view of the whole congregation.

Do you see any veils on those Catholic women? Do you see tons of hats?

I hate to beat a dead horse, but most American Catholic women before Vatican II wore hats.

Interestingly, in the picture of Mass at 9:42, there is a woman wearing a chapel veil. Fashion-forward? Italian or Hispanic?

Anyway… while we are mentioning it, Fr. Kapaun was with the 1st Cavalry Regiment, and David Drake was in the 11th Cavalry Regiment. David Drake has serious health problems and could use some serious serious prayers, because he’s finding it difficult/impossible to write, after his bad accident and other health/neuro problems; and writing is his coping strategy as well as his livelihood. Please pray for him.

The official Wichita prayer for intercession:

Father Emil Kapaun gave
glory to God by following
his call to the priesthood, and
thus serving the people of Kansas
and those in the military.

Father Kapaun, I ask your
intercession not only for these needs
which I mention now . . . but that I
too may follow your example of
service to God and my neighbor.

For his gifts of courage in battle
and perseverance of faith,
we give you thanks, O Lord.

(Say the Our Father and the Hail Mary)

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