Review of Ghostbusters: Afterlife

An interesting and moving fantasy adventure, filled with real characters, humor, the love of family, first love, and the love of friends. It’s a fitting sequel, leaves room for more adventures in the future, and basically deepens the original worldbuilding in a way similar to what was done in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon. There’s also something you should stay to watch, until the very very very end of the credits. Very end. Very very very.

Adult characters cuss, kid characters (mostly) don’t; but basically it’s wholesome while keeping its PG-13 rating. It’s well-paced, and it’s a production with heart. You can live in this world. It doesn’t conflict explicitly with any of the canons, either.

I love the new characters so much! This is what we want — for new main characters to be people we can like and respect, and who grow in interesting ways, and without ruining the old characters.

It’s also a wonderful posthumous tribute to Harold Ramis and his many talents. It’s as artistically right and beautiful as Last Jedi‘s treatment of Carrie Fisher was creepy and wrong.

If you like Ghostbusters at all, you should go see this one. And then, maybe go see it again.

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  1. So glad to hear; you’re the third person today who’s said it was good.

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