UD Messes Up the Mary Page

Okay, you have a webpage that has been around since the Dawn of the World Wide Web. Everybody links to it. What do you do?

  1. Lose the domain name.
  2. Change the webpage organization.
  3. Make the webpage ugly, under the impression smartphone users will like it.
  4. Make it impossible to find anything, especially since you just changed all the domain names and made all the links outdated.

Yes, that’s what the University of Dayton did to their famous “Mary Page.”

It’s now called “All About Mary,” which of course is a totally unique name that will show up easily on searches. (bangs head into wall)

You now have to go to UD/International Marian Research Institute/All About Mary. (http://udayton.edu/imri/mary). The address used to be campus.udayton.edu/mary, without any shilly-shallying.

And then they have an alphabetical list of articles, and a vague group of topics by which they are indexed. No explanatory material. You might be able to find articles if you use the search; but then again, maybe not.

Most of the long, lovingly composed articles full of scholarly endnotes have been replaced by short question and answer formatted articles. (Often with illustrations that don’t relate to the topic.)

I cannot emphasize enough that this is stupid. Mind-bogglingly stupid. What the heck, UD???

Apparently they have been moving toward this format since about 2015 (ie, they changed the name and everybody ignored it), but whoever was lovingly maintaining the old standards of completeness and scholarship seems to have been jettisoned recently. (Because the old pages were still showing up last year.)

So you get complicated topics like “The Quran and Mary” reduced down to two paragraphs. Not very useful paragraphs. Leaving out all the important stuff, literally. There are Church documents reproduced in full, however, and a few articles still have their bibliographies.

If you browse around long enough, you will find some useful material hidden under the topic Spirituality and Devotion. For example, an entire website on Mary Gardens that was formally bequeathed to UD. Now, you would think that you would want to showcase such an odd but endearing legacy… but nope, it’s hidden. (Although at least it’s still there.)

But I couldn’t find the information that I went to the webpage to find, so I’m going to see if it’s on archive.org. Sigh.

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  1. :hug:

    Sorry. I know I hate to see things of value destroyed, too.

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