I Hate Being Sick

I feel like crud. Fever, congested chest, sore throat, laryngitis, gunked up head, watery and sore eyes, body ache so that it’s hard to sleep — the whole schmole. Flu, maybe. So I’m in bed, and taking cold and flu meds and guaifenesin, and chicken soup, but so far I’m not getting much out of it yet.

The worst thing is that not only is it a weekend, it’s a funeral weekend. But obviously you can’t drag yourself to a funeral, or even drop in on a visitation, when you’re sick, any more than you can drag yourself into work. Nobody wants to share things that are contagious, and especially not when their resistance is low because of grief.

I might be able to watch the funeral Mass online. Maybe.

EWTN is celebrating a special Mass for St. Bernadette, as part of her relics’ tour of the US. (I gather that they had a special welcome service for the relics last night.)

I think I am going to take a shower, because I feel so cruddy. Maybe that will help the body ache.


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2 responses to “I Hate Being Sick

  1. Mary

    I’m so sorry.

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