Behind the Bible by Gary Michuta

A collection of his diocesan newspaper columns of Bible-illuminating facts. A bit pricey, but worth it for collecting a lot of useful and obscure info into one place. The columns are collected in order by Bible verse, rather than chronologically according to their appearance.

For example, there’s a nice column on Deut. 28:66, which, as part of a list of Covenant curses/consequences for breaking the Covenant, warns, “You shall see your life hanging before you.” Early Christians saw this as a hidden reference to the Crucifixion (which reversed Covenant curses and made them into blessings for humanity), and it was also used as a justification for icons of Christ and for crucifixes. (“They shall look upon Him Whom they had pierced” is another one for that.)


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  1. Jane Meyerhofer

    Hi, I have a completely random question about Saint Thomas Aquinas and wondered if you could answer it. I comment occasionally at MGC. My real email is down below. Thanks in advance just for reading this… ; )

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