A Really Fun Real Estate Site

The website for the Mostyn Estates (ie, the properties in Wales of a gentry/noble family called Mostyn, who were kinsfolk with that naughty Jasper Tudor) includes a really large section at the bottom of their home page marked “Our Heritage.”

This is an interesting look at the history of the family and its properties, including the turning of a small seaside place called Llandudno (St. Tudno’s) into a modern seaside resort.

One branch of the Mostyns were recusant Catholics. Another branch was headed by one of the least energetic priesthunters in English and Welsh history, who basically did everything he could to let people escape.

According to Fr. Edmund Hogan’s book, The History of the Irish Wolfdog, Mostyn Hall has, or used to have, frescos of a hunt with Irish wolfhounds… but I didn’t see that on their website. Sigh.

Since the book describes the place with the frescos as “Easton Mostyn Hall, near Towcester,” it’s possible that Hogan’s correspondent, Mr. Clifton of Rathmines, was actually talking about “Easton Neston,” a big house near Towcester. (I don’t know how to find out about this, as the house is in private hands as a totally private residence and business HQ for Leon Max, of Max Studio, and does not seem to have a visitor website.)

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