Dorothy Osborne Part 3!

Virginia Woolf wrote a nice essay about Dorothy Osborne’s letter collection.

And here it is.

Obviously Virginia Woolf had a fun side, even if we don’t hear about it much.

The ending isn’t fair, though. Writing is very good, and Dorothy’s letters deservedly have been preserved as treasures. But life together with her love was undoubtedly more real and good for her than life apart.

Conversation is fleeting, but it is one of the great performance arts of humanity, being something that requires listening to everyone else who plays a part. Having a part in history, at the time history is happening, is important. If Dorothy had so many skills and abilities that she could pick and choose, how can it be right to deny her the choice?

I was delighted to find out that Dorothy and her husband acted as employers and mentors of the young Swift. That’s beautiful.

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